What is MyExamCloud.com?

Founded in August 2015, MyExamCloud leads billions of people towards "perfect practice" for all kind of exams from school to PG level. The online cloud platform was built using EPractize Labs Skill Evaluation Lab and uses same features like ExamBoat.com.

MyExamCloud.com is an online exam tutor website to help people search and browse exams relevant to them. MyExamCloud is the new milestone simulator by gathering and grouping practice tests by various categories. MyExamCloud is designed to give you the most advanced exam environment to take online exams from anywhere from any devices (incuding mobile phones).

How to attend MyExamCloud online exam?

You have two options to add an exam to your account. Option 1: Click Search Exam; click Take Exam.
Option 2: Click search Study Plans and add to Plan; open Exam Dashboard to take exams.
MyExamCloud Study Plan - A Study Plan refers to a group that can have more than one exam and eBook contents for a specific subject area. For example, to improve knowledge in Math subject, one can create Study Plan in the name of Math Study Plan and take Math exams under this Study Plan. Your Study Plan tracking will be viewed by clicking exam dashboard icon at the top and navigate to Plan - Set Goals for changing goals and Achieve - View Goals for Study Plan progress.

You can take exam by two ways:

  1. Option 1: Click Exam Dashboard icon and open Practice - Take Exam and select your Study Plan to take exam.
  2. Option 2: Just search or browse exams from MyExamCloud.com home page and click Take Exam.

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Quick overview of MyExamCloud

You can take exams on any device including Windows, Mac, Linux, Tablet and Smart Phones.The Study Plans comes with lifetime license. No renewal is required after you purchased.We keep on improving the content quality based on feedbacks. New exams and eBooks added on your purchased Study Plans are free and automatically added on your account.New exams and Study Plans will be uploaded frequently in all categories.You can post your content queries under Read Answers section in ExamDashboard.

How to reach us?

The Live Support bar will be shown at the bottom of this page if we are online.We recommend you to create Support Ticket with your order number and issue details.

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