Study Plan

A Study Plan is an organized collection of exams that students create based on subject or topic to achieve learning goals. Creating a Study Plan not only helps you become more organized but more focused. A Study Plan is even more important for your success in academics since you need to have self-assessment goals tracker to know your strength and weakness.

A Study Plan is an effective way to help you navigate through MyExamCloud's online exams in an organized manner. Every student can develop a different Study Plan. Just search Study Plans for your subjects in Search Study Plans page and add to your plan.

Set Goals

Set Goals - You can specialize in any exam by setting goals.

Study goals are key element to exam success.

Setting realistic study goals on topic by topic for a Study Plan will help you in achieving exam success and study goals.

Select a Study Plan, click on MyExamCloud Logo Icon on each topic;drag to the percentage you want to achieve and click Set Goals.

Take Exam

Now that you have your Study Plan and associated the Tests, you can start practicing by Taking the tests.

Choose a Study Plan to view exams. Click Take Exam to attend an exam.

Study eBook

Now that you have your Study Plan and associated the Tests, you can start practicing by reading eBooks and question-answers.

Read eBooks: Choose a Study Plan to view eBooks. Click Open eBook to study an eBook.

Study Answers: Choose a Study Plan to view exams. Click Open eBook to study answers for an exam.

View Reports

Reports present the evidence of your effort.

Click View to see the result summary. Click Performance Chart(Day | Week | Month) to view preparation progress. Click Focus Lab to view those questions you have answered incorrectly.

View Goals

Reaching the goals tell you where you stand.

View the goals reached by you by selecting the Study Plan.

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