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Founded in August 2015, MyExamCloud allows billions of people to perfectly practice all kind of exams from school to degree level.

MyExamCloud, the place for exam preparation

Practice cannot achieve your goal only; perfect practice can achieve your goal. The MyExamCloud is the perfect exam practice environment to make your exam preparation in the right manner. Perfect practice is the master medicine for success including clearing any exams.

MyExamCloud, the way to My Exam Mentor

The only way to improve your knowledge is by improving practice. Reach your goal 100% by travelling in MyExamCloud online/offline practice exams.

MyExamCloud, the place to focus on tracking exam goals

Simply repeating online exams can never get to your goal. Instead you must practice with the target in mind. MyExamCloud simplifies your preparation by focus lab and goals tracker to know you progress. The MyExamCloud's Goals tracker give you a yardstick to measure your progress, to judge whether you are marching forward or sliding back.

MyExamCloud, the place for educators

MyExamCloud provides a forum for educators to connect, inform, and inspire others across the globe and acts as a distribution platform for original exam/quiz creators.

Getting Started

The MyExamCloud aims to offer practice exams from Kids IQ level to PhD exams. You can find exams in all difficulty levels from beginner to advanced. Through MyExamCloud exams any novice student can expert in specific skill by continuous practice. If you are going to climb a ladder, you have to start on the ground; Just start practicing beginner level exams and slowly improve your knowledge by taking intermediate and advanced exams. MyExamCloud Dashboard 10 Steps

MyExamCloud Guidelines

You are agreed to follow MyExamCloud guidelines while uploading exams or publishing study plans or taking/downloading exams.Reference to Terms, Guidelines

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