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This manual explains how to install EPractize Labs Skill Evaluation Lab Online Exam Software Server on Windows systems.

Step 1: Obtaining Skill Evaluation Lab

If you have a Skill Evaluation Lab account at, you can download Windows Runnable files of the Skill Evaluation Lab by clicking download link.  Download link is active at Customer control panel. If you do not already have a subscription, either rental one or lifetime obtain a 30 days evaluation subscription from the Software & Download Center at

Step 2: Starting the Skill Evaluation Lab installation program

To start, first make sure that you have enough free spaces on your system.  Kindly follow the below configuration for better scalability and performance.

RAM 4 GB recommended
Processor Speed 2.2 GHZ or higher

Note: The above configuration is good enough to conduct 2000 concurrent access. If you need to increase concurrent users kindly contact our support. Just click the setup file and proceed for installation.

Just unzip the file using any utility and extract on the folder you want to install Skill Evaluation Lab server.

Step 3: Start Skill Evaluation Lab Windows App

Click startExamSoftware.cmd to run Skill Evaluation Lab application.

Step 4: Logon to Skill Evaluation Lab for logo and branding customization

Open your browser and type http://yourservername/sel or http://IP/sel. Example: http://brian/sel . You will be redirected to Skill Evaluation Lab login page. Just enter the following credentials to enter into Skill Evaluation Lab root admin for basic configurations.
Username: rootadmin
Password: adminsecured123#

After successful login you will be redirected to the license screen for activation. Click Activate and Enter your App ID & App Secret that you have puchased at

Step 5: Upload your logo and customize product name

Click MyAccount and click Edit Profile. Upload your logo. To change theme (header/footer/page color), click Theme settings and choose the right one to suit your logo. To change product name and company details click Branding. You need to set valid SMTP settings to recieve emails from Skill Evaluation Lab. Click Email Settings and update your values. To activate SMS alerts click SMS Settings and configure your gateway settings.

Step 6: Create Exam Manager account

Exam Manager account created under Root Admin is considered as separete hiererachy where each users created by a manager will be accessed within the same hierarchy. For example an account created for Science department with tests and users will not be accessed by Math department. Click Set Account and create a manager.

Step 7: Login as Exam Manager and proceed for conducting online tests

Login as Exam Manager and click Question Management for creating questions. You can also upload bulk questions from Spreadsheet/Word Documents. The current version also supports Test Generator Lab test files for iporting questions. Click Test Management to create a Test. You can create users and assign them to a group for easy access. Click Group Manageent and create a group. Click Assign Users and add users to this group. Once you are ready to conduct test for this group, click Associate Test and choose the tests you want to add.

Step 8: Explore by demo logins (username/password)

Demo Exam manager: demomanager/epl
Demo Trainee: demotrainee/epl
Demo Examinee: demoexaminee/epl
Demo Report Manager: demoreportmanager/epl
Demo Print Manager: demoprintmanager/epl