Kuwait International Bank

Kuwait International Bank Deploys Skill Evaluation Lab, Online Exam Management System to Meet Exam Accessibility for placement and employment training needs.

Electronic supported assessment or online exam assessment is the current computer based assessment models focus on the assessment of knowledge rather than deeper understandings, using auto evaluation type questions. This study explored a new system based on next generation exam needs and EPractize Labs come up with an assessment tool named Skill Evaluation Lab. The system has been made available for other researchers to use at http://www.onlineexamlab.com.

Kuwait International Bank [KIB], a bank that operates according to the Islamic Shari’ah from 1st of July 2007, is a public quoted company. It was incorporated in 1973 and was originally known as the Kuwait Real Estate Bank.

As an Islamic bank, KIB’s business covers all banking services including Acceptance of Deposits, Financing Transactions, Direct Investment, Murabaha (auto, real estate and commodities), Ijara Muntahia Bittamleek (Lease-to-own) , Istisna’a, Tawarruq, Credit Cards, Wakala and other products. Corporate projects and finance, Treasury Services, Issuing Letters of Credit (L/Cs), Letter of Guarantee (L/Gs) and Real Estate Dealings and Management of Properties.

Currently, KIB has a network of 24 branches spread across the State of Kuwait.


The bank began exploring options to help enable their employees to take practice exams remotely while maintaining integrity. As part of their research, they needed the solution to satisfy two important criteria; first, the ability to completely secure (or invigilate) an exam remotely and secondly, a complete scalable platform to take exams for up to huge number of exam takers at a time.


EPractize Labs partnered with Institute of Banking Studies to explore the potential solutions for securing Kuwait International Bank exams remotely. Their approach took into consideration the following: The bank wants to conduct online test for their employees from any branch. EPractize Labs recommends single server with the following configurations.

RAM 3GB (4GB recommended)
Processor Type 64-bit
Processor Speed 2.2 GHZ or higher
Operating System WIndows / Linux


The product has been successfully deployed and first test event does not have evidence about scalability issue. The product proved to support more than 1000 concurrent access from single server instance.