Subject Name Tips

Your subject area must be specific to the knowledge area you are looking for, not the actual exam name. For example, to study for an SAT Reading and Writing exam, use the exam topics as the keywords. Examples of these topics include English reading skills, English comprehension skills, Standard English Conventions, and English Rhetorical synthesis transitions.

For programming skills, enter the language name followed by the sub-skill. For example, to study Python MySQL programming skills, simply enter "Python MySQL programming". To prepare for DevOps Interview Questions, enter "DevOps Interview Questions". To prepare for a college or school subject, enter the correct topic. Examples of these topics include "MEMS, NEMS and Microsystems," "Nuclear Power-Generation and Supply," and "Spacecraft Technology and Systems Architecture".

It is always recommended to enter deep-level topics instead of abstract ones. For example, "Chemical Reactions and Equations" rather than "K12 Science". You must enter the correct keyword to generate courses relevant to what you're looking for. If you are unsure of the keyword requirements, feel free to contact us.